GROWS Monthly Networking Meeting in Silver Spring

GROWS Monthly Networking Meeting in Silver Spring

Event Description

"This Joint Is Jumpin”
Join us for a presentation from

Dr. Paul Cooper, M.D.
Professor & Chief of the Division of
Foot & Ankle Surgery, Georgetown University Medical School
Guru of the ankle replacement and maven of feet.

“Ankle replacement? I never heard of an ankle replacement!”
Ankle replacements really happen and are effective and life-changing. Advanced ankle arthritis involves the wearing away of the cartilage on both sides of the ankle joint, frequently from recurrent sprains or trauma. Ankle arthritis diminishes your quality of life and causes an altered gait that will stress the knee, hip and lower back. Help is on the way! The upcoming program will provide a basic understanding of the ankle and discuss viable solutions to provide long term pain management.
GROWS is fortunate to welcome Dr. Paul Cooper, M.D.




Event Address

Holiday Park Senior Center
3950 Ferrara Dr
Silver Spring, MD 20906

Event Date

Thursday, October 3, 2019 - 8:00am to 10:00am